Rainshow'r Green Knight Hydroponic Dechlorinator
Rainshow'r Green Knight Hydroponic Dechlorinator with hose saver

Rainshow'r Green Knight Hydroponic Dechlorinator

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    Return the Goodness of Mother Nature to Your Garden!

The Green Knight Hydroponic Dechlorinator is designed to reduce free available Chlorine in tap water for filling hydroponic nutrient tanks. The Green Knight is a non-cartridge filter which attaches to your hose bib with a specially designed 3 foot vinyl reinforced hose saver. Depending on the PH of the water, the filter may also reduce Chloramine compounds. Chloramine reduction is less effective on highly alkalized water. Up to 30,000 gallon capacity, depending on water quality.

  • 1.5 inch polyester pre-filter to trap particular matter and increase media performance
  • 2 lbs of KDF-55 atomized brass (redox material)
  • 2 oz of Rainshow'r energized crystal to reduce water clusters
  • 0.6 oz of KDF formula 73 brass filament for destabilizing the bond between chlorine and ammonia

Recommended flow rate is 2 gpm and maximum pressure is 100 psi. Do not allow the filter to freeze. Back flush filter monthly to preserve ideal flow rate. Once the filter has been used, run water through the filter at least twice monthly, or store in a refrigerator to prevent media oxidation.

Please note that because the media could contribute small amounts of zinc ions to the pond water over several years, these systems are NOT recommended for use in filling fish ponds, especially in the care of Koi fish.

1 Year Warranty.

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