O2+ Source True HEPA Air Purifier: Black or White
02+ Source Air Purifier: Black or White

O2+ Source True HEPA Air Purifier: Black or White

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The Brondell O2+ Source Air Purifier has a sleek compact design ideal for any area in your home or office up to 243 sq ft. The O2+ Source is powerful 3-Stage Advanced HEPA Filtration that eliminates airborne particulates and allergens such as dust, mold, pollen (including tree, grass, and ragweed), pet dander, smoke, odors, harmful chemicals and VOCs like Formaldehyde and Benzene.

Mesh Pre-Filter (wash/reuse) – captures 99.97% of particulates larger than 0.28mm

STAGE 2: Activated Carbon Filter – reduces smoke, odor and harmful off gassing VOCs
STAGE 3: True HEPA Filter – removes 99.97% of airborne particulates and allergens above 0.3 microns

O2+ Source Air Purifier features:

  • AHAM Verifide, California ARB and Energy Star certified
  • Simple intuitive control panel
  • Air quality indicator with color specific LED automatically adjusts machine to match air quality in the room
  • Filter change indicator and easy-to-replace filter set that lasts 8,760 hours (1 year)
  • Whisper-quiet operation and 4 mode settings to accommodate any needs:
                 1. Auto Mode: automatically adjusts to the room’s air quality, ensuring the cleanest air possible
                 2. Night Mode: senses when it’s dark and automatically adjusts to ensure uninterrupted sleep
                 3. Fan Speed Mode: allows manual control to any of four different speed settings
                 4. Eco Mode: power saving mode to save electricity and extend the filter life

Three-year warranty.   O2+ Source P300 Owners Manual

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