Hand-held Shower Hose Kit with Massage Head
Hand-held Shower Hose Kit includes bracket, hose, and 3-position massage head

Hand-held Shower Hose Kit with Massage Head

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This high quality hand-held shower hose kit is great for cleaning kids, pets, and the shower enclosure. Easily attaches directly to standard shower pipe/arm, or to any shower filter housing in place of existing head.

Kit includes 3-position massage shower handle, hose, bracket, and washers.

Installs in minutes - no special tools or professional help required:

  1. Unscrew old shower head.
  2. Clean threads and apply Teflon thread sealing tape to shower pipe/arm.
  3. Place washer in bracket and hand tighten to shower pipe/arm. Orient so that male hose threads face down and plastic handle holder is up. Do not over tighten.
  4. New improved hose with vacuum breaker needs to be installed in the correct direction to work properly. Install washers and thread sealing tape between shower bracket and hose, and also between hose and hand-held shower handle. Be sure to install the hose end with the hex in the center to the shower handle. Install the other end of the hose to the bracket. Hand tighten all around.
  5. Run water and test for water tight fit. If it leaks, gently tighten with a wrench but be sure to protect the finish with a cloth. Do not over tighten.
  6. Place hand held shower handle in bracket. Adjust to desired position. Turn face of shower to adjust between massage, combo, and gentle rain spray patterns.

1 Year Warranty.

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