CB-VOC Water Filtration System with Countertop Kit
CB-VOC Water Filtration System with Countertop Kit

CB-VOC Water Filtration System with Countertop Kit

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The CB-VOC Water Filtration System is the absolute best carbon block technology on the market. Certified by NSF/ANSI to the highest performance standards, the CB-VOC removes a wide range of harmful water contaminates - including emerging compounds like pharmaceuticals and DEET. The durable stainless steel housing is made to last a lifetime and optional conversion kits are available to allow you to decide the best installation set-up.

The CB-VOC Countertop Kit offers portable, quick installation and provides you with instant clean water at the push of a switch. The diverter head attaches to most standard kitchen faucets, either directly or with included adapters. The housing comes apart simply by turning a knob to remove the V-band, making filter replacement easy. The Countertop Kit includes: diverter head/hose assembly, CBTVOC cartridge, acrylic sleeve, and a faucet adapter pack.

CB-VOC Water Filtration System Features:

  • Certified by Carbon Block Technology for NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, and 401
  • Effectively removes the most contaminates including Chlorine, Chloramine, THMs/HAAs, Lead, asbestos, VOCs, Radon, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, microorganisms and so much more
  • Coconut-shell, 0.5 sub-micron carbon block cartridge CBTVOC last 1 year (750 Gallon Capacity)
  • Uses mechanical filtration, electrokinetic adsorption, and chemical/physical adsorption to capture particulates
  • No electricity required, nothing harmful added to the water, and does not remove beneficial minerals
  • Can be used during an emergency - water can be hand pumped or siphoned through the system
  • Conversion kits available for countertop or undercounter installation (sold separately)
  • Detailed instructions included for installation, filter changes, maintenance, and troubleshooting

CB-VOC Performance Data Sheet
CB-VOC User Guide
CB-VOC Installation Guide

Lifetime Housing Warranty and 1 Year Parts Warranty.

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